IESF reveals the last game title for the upcoming 13th Esports World Championship

International Esports Federation (IESF) announces Tekken 7 as the last official game title for its 13th Esports World Championship, Eilat, Israel.

IESF is very pleased to announce that Tekken 7 will be returning to the IESF 13th Esports World Championship, Eilat, Israel, later this year. 2021 marks the 8th time since the game title has been included in IESF’s event since 2012.

Tekken 7 (Tekken means “Iron Fist” in Japanese) is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The popular 1:1 fighting game’s arcade version was first released in 1994, and the home version was released in 1995.

With the announcement, IESF confirms that all three games from the 12th Esports World Championship would be back with more games for IESF’s flagship international competition, which has taken place annually since 2009.

All athletes who shall participate in the Tekken 7 game title at IESF’s 13th Esports World Championship shall be selected by member national federations affiliated to IESF.

IESF’s Esports World Championship is the IESF’s flagship competition, where all the players from all over the world participate in a unique and vibrant tournament while representing their national flag. The event is the only major Esports tournament featuring national teams, and this year’s competition is expected to be the largest one to date, with approximately 80 nations set to participate.

IESF looks forward to seeing the world’s best represent their countries in these titles and more at this year’s 13th Esports World Championship in Eilat, Israel.

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IESF Partners with Immun Active as Official Beverage

The International Esports Federation (IESF) is excited to announce that a long-term cooperation agreement was signed with Immun Active on 30th April 2021, appointing Immun Active the official beverage partner of IESF.

The two organizations are now working together to make further improvements and make Immun Active drink available to all players in every country, improving the fitness, concentration and reaction time of the competitors, thus raising the standard of the tournaments and increasing the base of game fans.

Immun Active is the latest brand of a leading participant in the market of beverage production and international beverage trade for almost 20 years. The idea of product development was to produce a complex product that combines the beneficial effects of vitamin drinks with the functionality of sports drinks. The development of an uncompromising recipe in collaboration with a German laboratory was already in full swing when Mr. Vlad Marinescu, President of the International Esports Federation (IESF) and Mr Attila Bognár, Managing Director of Immun Active, met by chance. From then on, the development continued to take into account the special needs of Esports athletes, and the Immun Active vitamin drink and Immun Active Esports product family was born.

The vitamin drink family focuses on the overall health of gamers, condition, attention, relaxation, ongoing maintenance and balance of immunity, while the professional Esports drink turbocharges players in a competitive situation and helps them get the most out of it.

IESF President, Vlad Marinescu said “It is an honour for us to partner with Immun Active in order to bring to the market and specifically made for Esports players a drink that is healthy and supports the performance of our community. We are excited for the drink to reach the market soon and we are sure that such a fresh and tasty beverage will only further support and promote a healthy lifestyle”.

IESF is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by nine-member nations from Europe and Asia. Now, after 12 years of history, we have reached 100 member nations, consistently working to promote Esports as a true sport beyond barriers. IESF organizes annual World Championships and strives to ensure the synergy between stakeholders. IESF has been a WADA Signatory since 2013. Key IESF activities include the IESF World Championships, the IESF General Assembly uniting all National Federations, and the Global Esports Executive Summits.

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Six New Nations Join IESF

IESF is excited to announce the admission of six new national members. The membership expanded within three (3) continents as Djibouti from Africa, Honduras and Suriname from America as well as Armenia, Croatia and Lithuania from Europe. 

Mr. Boban Totovski, Secretary General, stated, “I am happy to send my sincere congratulations to our newest members and wish them: welcome aboard! We are excited to have more countries and communities as part of theIESF family. We hope that by supporting national federations in those countries, we can stimulate the growth of the Esports communities there and everywhere else.”

The nations are represented through their respective national Esports Organizations:

ARMENIA – Armenian Esports Federation CROATIA – Croatian eSports Federation DJIBOUTI – Djibouti esports LITHUANIA – Lithuanian electronic sports association HONDURAS – Federacion Hondureña de E-sports SURINAME – Esports Suriname

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HanbitSoft’s AUDITION is back to the IESF’s Esports World Championship as a promoted title

IESF is pleased to announce that AUDITION is back as a promoted title for the13th Esports World Championship, Eilat 2021!

As a promoted title, AUDITION will be operated in individual format and players presenting their nations will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals.

AUDITION uses their own K-pop as well as the latest K-pop, leading the K-pop trend worldwide. It also contains fashion items of the latest trends as well as traditional costumes from around the world, making it a perfect game for players from all over the world to play with “K-POP, Dance, Fashion, and Community.”

The game is played by pressing the arrows displayed on the screen as well as the spacebar or control key on every 4th beat of the song. The more accurately the spacebar or control key is pressed, the higher the score. That’s the dynamic point of winning or losing in just 0.1 seconds, and this part of the game is a fun and exciting addition to the event.

AUDITION was first introduced at the IESF’s 12th Esports World Championship to the participants and global viewers of the event, with 1st place to Domin “Fabulous” Ahn of Korea. The matches gathered fans worldwide for watching players simulate dancing using the keyboard to control their avatars that dance with or against other players. IESF hopes to see him make his way to Eilat, Israel, to defend his gold medal at this year’s event.

Stay tuned for more updates to be announced in the following days!

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eFootball PES series return for the IESF’s 13th Esports World Championship

IESF is pleased to announce that KONAMI’s eFootball PES series will return for its third year as an official game title for the 13th Esports World Championship, EILAT 2021 to be held in Eilat, Israel later this year.

With its long history of international appeal, eFootball is a natural choice for international Esports competition. The game will be played on Playstation®4 during the IESF competition. IESF looks forward to continuing to engage the global PES community in making this game an exciting part of international Esports competitions into the future.

The eFootball PES series tournaments were a centerpiece of the 11th and 12th Esports World Championship. IESF hopes to see the best player from all over the world and make their way to Eilat, Israel, to have their championship medal at this year’s event.

Stay tuned for more game titles to be announced in the following days!

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OCA Confirms AESF As Technical Delegate for Esports at 2022 Asian Games

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) have announced the introduction of ‘Road to Asian Games,’ the official qualifier program for esports at Asian Games, starting with the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. 

This news comes with the reconfirmation that the AESF takes charge of all the matters of technical conduct for esports at Asian Games as the sole Technical Delegate. The AESF will also be responsible for selecting the esports event titles to be contested for the qualifiers and finals at Asian Games and make the final confirmation on the selected titles in collaboration with the OCA. 

As the exclusive organizer of ‘Road to Asian Games,’ the official qualifier program and esports competition at Asian Games, the AESF will oversee the qualifying and final tournament structure for all esports events at Asian Games including the responsibility to identify the finalists for their respective esports event titles through regional qualifying competitions as part of the campaign. The campaign will begin in Hangzhou 2022, and with AESF to continue the organization of Esports through to Nagoya 2026, Doha 2030 and beyond. 

With esports making its debut as an official medal sport at the 2022 Asian Games, this campaign will lay the foundation in bringing the Olympic Values and Movement to esports to Asia as well as the world. In addition, as part of the program, the AESF plans to include virtual and simulating event titles to the ‘Road to Asian Games’ and finals competition as a demonstration event, which will further encourage and expand the esports scope from traditional titles which are recognised as console, computer or mobile esports game events. 

More than just an esports event, the ‘Road to Asian Games’ and finals at the 19th Asian Games shall exhibit the growth of esports from competitive gaming event to an official sport event.  Moreover, the ‘Road to Asian Games’ will play the important role to introduce a direct pathway that allows publishers to be part of Asian Games. This initiative will be the first of its kind to bring fair and equal opportunities to all publishers and advance esports developments not just for Asia, but worldwide.

Furthermore, the ‘Road to Asian Games’ campaign will also include a focus on grassroots development, inclusion programs, career pathways, health and wellbeing support, as well as athlete’s rights and protection. As part of the Asian Games community outreach, the AESF will deliver and execute the ‘AESF Experience Program’ with full support from the OCA where AESF will aim to connect esports with athletes, fans, and local communities. This initiative will include a plan of an esports zone at the Asian Games Athletes Village, OCA House, and Fan Zones.

To officialise the partnership for the ‘Road to Asian Games’ campaign and the confirmation on the roles and responsibilities of AESF, an official Signing Ceremony was held with the OCA Director-General Dr. Husain AHZ Al-Musallam, OCA Director of Sports Mr. Haider A H E Farman, AESF President Mr. Kenneth Fok, and AESF Director-General Mr. Sebastian Lau in attendance.

Commenting on the partnership, Director General of OCA Dr. Husain AHZ Al-Musallam declared “It is a great pleasure to officially announce our partnership between OCA and AESF for the new esports program for our Asian Games and OCA will provide full support for successful esports events at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. We wish the best to our partner AESF on the journey ahead.”

Echoing Dr Husain’s sentiments, AESF President Kenneth Fok added “I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the continuous support and trust from the OCA. I believe that the Asian Games presents the best stage for us to share Olympic Values with the esports community and we aim to make our esports communities develop further through this opportunity. Also, we look forward to a successful collaboration with OCA as well as LOC.”

This collaboration not only marks another milestone in AESF’s continuous effort to drive esports forward, but also as testament to our constantly growing reach and network. The OCA has entrusted the AESF again with a major undertaking which would shape the world of esports for many years to come. The AESF welcomes this challenge and looks forward to delivering a momentous and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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DOTA 2, CSGO revealed as official titles for the 13th Esports World Championship

IESF is pleased to announce that DOTA 2 will return for the IESF 13th Esports World Championship, Eilat, Israel and welcomes the newly featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for IESF’s flagship international competition, which has taken place annually since 2009.

DOTA 2, published by Valve, enjoys enormous global Esports popularity. The DOTA Pro Circuit, with Valve’s “The International” tournament, has seen crowdfunded prize pools in excess of $30 US million, making DOTA 2 one of the most lucrative games in Esports.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter genre developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth edition in the long-standing Counter-Strike series, one of the biggest Esports titles in the world for two decades.

IESF looks forward to seeing the world’s best Esports athletes from IESF member nations in the competitions at this year’s 13th Esports World Championship, Eilat, Israel.

Eilat was chosen as the host city of the IESF’s 13th Esports World Championship, following the cancellation of the global finals event in 2020. The format of the competition will be similar to last year’s as the World Championship’s Regional Games will be held online and the best players and teams will be participating in the offline Global Finals in Eilat, Israel.

Stay tuned for more game titles to be announced in the following days!

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Youngman Kim appointed as new IESF Vice President

The International Esports Federation (IESF) Board had voted to approve Mr. Youngman Kim as the official Vice President of IESF.

Mr. Youngman Kim, also serves as president of the Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) and is one of its founders, will serve this role for a  two-year term, succeeding the outgoing Acting Vice President HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Sultan Al-Nahayan of the UAE.

Mr. Kim was elected by IESF members during its 2019 General Assembly as a Board Member. He has been working closely with the Korean Government for the benefit of IESF members and multiple global Esports Programs.

Before joining IESF, Youngman contributed decisively in establishing Esports as a new cultural content having StarCraft in Korea and led the explosive growth of Esports. While Korea was going through the IMF (International Monetary Fund) crisis, he left the company he worked at and established a game company, and went to great lengths to vitalize ‘StarCraft’ in Korea. With his tremendous effort, three (3) million copies of StarCraft were sold in Korea and industrial expansion worth 1.14 trillion KRW and job creation effects for more than 150,000 people were accomplished. Mr. Kim is still being introduced as the “Father of modern Esports” and “Esports Legend” on the international stage.

Mr. Kim has actively participated in the development of the Esports industry by serving as President of Korea Software Property Right Council and Korea Association of Game Industry. He has been back leading KeSPA in 2018 to reconstruct the Association and to promote Esports in Korea. KeSPA is one of the leading Esports Association on the international stage, and a member of IESF and IOC ELG Group, and a partner of Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF).

“This is an exceptional opportunity and I’m honored.” adds Mr. Youngman Kim . “I’m truly excited to continue to interact with our members and partners all over the world as well as Esports stakeholders, many of whom I have worked closely with on Esports over the past decade. I am looking forward to continuing these efforts as IESF Vice President.”

IESF President, Vlad Marinescu , stated: “Youngman Kim did a wonderful job as Board Member of IESF and I am very happy to welcome him as our new Vice President with full consensus from IESF leadership. Together, we will continue to lead and promote Esports through our global programs, competitions and tournaments.”

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KeSPA’s New Initiative with Korean Wave

The first collaboration case of Esports and Korean wave is presented with “Support project of planning and developing of Korean wave-linked collaborative contents.”

Participated in the “CAST”, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, organized by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency Introduced new products with 8 Esports related companies, which are utilized for Korean wave contents Planning to expand the Korean wave’s appearance, including gaming apparel, gaming gear, protection guards, education and cartoon contents.

Through ‘Supporting project of planning and development of Korean wave-linked collaborative content (CAST)’, Esports created the first example of collaborating with South Korean companies, having Esports recognized as new K-wave content.

Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) publicly announced how this meaningful project has been like on the 10th.

‘Supporting project of planning and development of Korean wave-linked collaborative contents (CAST)’ is a project hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency, and the Korea e-Sports Association participated in the game and Esports field with 8 companies from 5 industrial groups related to Esports.

The project “CAST” (CAST: Connect, Company to make Synergy and Transformation) systematically supports Korean SMEs with potential in developing new content or product. In particular, the game and Esports sectors focus on spreading the dynamic image of K-wave culture.

The participating companies include DRX, ROX Gaming, DSC, AIDER, Xenics, Icom Brand, BATTLICA, Gamtoon. By including esports players and Korean esports content into the company’s original business area, the companies produced new products such as gaming apparel, gaming gear, glasses, protectors, educational content, and e-books.

Specifically, ▲All players from DRX worked with the team for the development of gaming apparel and mouse pads, ranging from designing to the fittings ▲ROX Gaming developed the joystick and various gaming products, working with Bae ‘Knee’ Jae-min, a legendary ‘Tekken’ player ▲DSC created two types of glasses with cooperation from Lee ‘DuDu’ Dong-joo and Oh ‘Vista’ Hyo-sung, professional LoL players of HLE ▲AIDER, with recently retired legendary professional LoL player Heo ‘Pawn’ Won-seok, developed three types wrists and waists supports.

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In addition, ▲Xencis created a never-existed gaming chair, with ideation and feedback from Hong ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyun, a professional LoL player of DRX ▲Icom Brand developed a special gaming PC, working with Kang Do-kyung, a general manager of Team APE, and Kim Hee-chul, a K-wave Icon. ▲BATTLICA made esports educational materials with Jang ‘Dingception’ Kwang-myeon, Cho ‘Vino’ Han-kyung, Kim ‘hyMIN’ Min-kyu, Nho ‘Rothy’ Si-eun ▲Gamtoon created 3 types of cartoon e-book highlighting the stories of legendary esports players (Cho ‘Maru’ Seong-ju and Jang ‘Moon’ Jae-ho) and Korean esports history.

Also, DRX, ROX Gaming, and Aider exhibited their products at the Korean Culture Promotion Center in November last year at the “3rd Jang Sam Gak international Culture Industry Fair” in Shanghai, China operated by the Korea International Cultural Exchange and Korean Cultural Center Shanghai. At the fair, esports was introduced as a new collaboration with various industries. During the exhibition period, more than 2,500 people visited the site and inquiries about products were received directly, so interest in the Korean wave culture in China was also confirmed.

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Moreover, the Asian esports Federation (AESF), the governing body of Asian esports communities, introduced this project to more than 40 member countries in the continent, as a good example of the expansion of the industry, with the support from the government.

Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) stated, “’CAST’ project is meaningful because it is the first example of esports showing industrial potential as a collaborative content linked to the Korean wave. Starting with the project, we will continue to show synergy through esports and collaboration with various industries.”

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IESF Athletes Committee leads the way for a better environment for Esports Athletes

IESF is excited to introduce the IESF Athletes Committee.

The Committee will be the voice of Esports Athletes (players) placing the protections of players’ interests as their top priority while ensuring IESF stays rooted and in touch with the interests of players with continuous cooperation.

Tiffini Lim, Chairperson of IESF Athletes Committee , says “Today the term ‘Esports player’ already means something very different than it did a decade ago, yet we still have many prevalent systemic issues regarding player rights – organizers get away with unpaid prize monies, and players sign uneven contracts and get exploited unknowingly. As ex- and current competitive players we have encountered our fair share of issues, and thus we are able to share our experiences so our fellow players don’t have to run into the same walls as we did. We will do everything within our capacity to provide a safe avenue for players to seek help from.“

The newly formed Committee is composed of diverse backgrounds, countries and regions covering different game titles. 

Tiffani “Oling” Lim is a Malaysian Dota 2 player, community figure and an outspoken advocate for player rights. She’s also the pro tem President of her local Esports Players’ Association and the Head of Marketing & PR of the esports organization Battle Arena Malaysia. Pedro “barboza” Barbosa is a Portuguese eFootball PES player and a quality technician in the aeronautic industry in Portugal. He is also the coordinator of Athletes Commission in the Portuguese Esports Federation since 2020. Simona “Monny” Ivanovska is a psychologist and an esports enthusiast who specializes in FPS titles. She has also taken up the role of Development Coordinator in the Macedonian Esports Federation since 2020.  Freddy “Zubscop” Mazila represents Namibia and used to be the Tekken champion for 3 years running. He is now a graphic designer working on a future with graphic designing that can implement into his gaming experience some day.

IESF’s Athletes Committee has been working for establishing and distributing a standard contract template for organizations and players’ reference, developing a series of workshop to educate players about their legal rights, protection and where to seek help, and helping to develop and shape a coaching license system, which is also a career option for retired professional players.

IESF is looking forward to walking the path with the Committee for the betterment of Esports!

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