IESF delivers first-of-its-kind International Esports Referee Academy to bring the highest standard of training to Esports referees

The International Esports Federation (IESF) is pleased to announce the launch of the first-ever year-round online International Esports Referee Academy on July 9th, 2021.

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Following the success of IESF’s annual referee training courses from 2018 to 2020, the new e-learning program has been launched to support the next wave of Esports referees from around the world. The Academy is dedicated to developing the highest standards of referee training for IESF’s 104 member nations. 

IESF President Vlad Marinescu said: “As Esports continues to grow, education plays a vital role in ensuring the proper development of Esports in every nation around the world. The International Esports Referee Academy is just another step in IESF’s commitment to uniting the World Esports community to support accessible, sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide.”

The Academy’s comprehensive curriculum has been designed by IESF and its partners to educate and increase the expertise of both international and national and Esports referees. The curriculum focuses on topics such as match dispute handling and techniques, Esports ethics, advanced competitive structures, and international Esports industry knowledge.

IESF Board Member and Director of Global Programs Ido Brosh said: “The International Esports Referee Academy will go a long way to ensuring the highest standards for refereeing for future events in the international Esports industry. This will be the first year-round program of its kind and we are very proud to see the Academy get underway to contribute to the professional development and success of all Esports athletes, teams, officials and events on the world stage.”

The Academy will provide a new, accessible pathway for Esports athletes to learn about Esports refereeing and potentially pursue a career in the officiating side of Esports. At the completion of the Academy, participants will receive IESF certification.

Alongside the referee training courses, the Academy will also launch a “Basic Tournament Administration” course, offered for free to anyone via online registration on the IESF website. The course is aimed at community tournament organizers and newcomers to Esports administration.

The International Esports Referee Academy is one of three pillars of the World Esports R&D Center, operated by IESF with the continued support of the Busan Metropolitan City and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA).

IESF welcomes the World Esports family to participate in the Academy! For more information about how you can become an IESF certified referee, please visit

About the International Esports Federation 

IESF is the unifying body for World Esports. Founded in 2008 by nine-member nations, IESF is currently composed of 104-member nations across five continents. IESF brings together all Esports stakeholders to achieve a united ecosystem for the development of sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide. The IESF Esports World Championship is the biggest multi-sport spectacle of Esports in the world. IESF also organizes the annual Global Esports Executive Summit in order to support the highest standard of Esports governance worldwide. 

Originally published on: Fri, 09 Jul 2021 08:39:45 +0000