Ukrainian Esports Cup with a prize pool of UAH 250,000

The Ukrainian Esports Federation in partnership with Eldorado is pleased to announce a grandiose esports event – the Ukrainian CS:GO Cup! All details can be found in our announcement!

Three months after the Ukrainian Esports Federation achieved the recognition of esports as an official sport in our country, UESF & Eldorado are announcing the first nationwide Ukrainian Cup. During the CS:GO season (held from January 18th, 2021, to March 28th, 2021) a total prize pool of UAH 250,000 will be drawn. The rules of the competition can be accessed through this link.

The format of Ukrainian CS:GO Cup arbitrarily divides the country into five conferences: “Center”, “East”, “West”, “North” and “South”. Each such conference includes four to six regions of Ukraine.

“West” Conference:

Volyn region Rivne region Lviv region Zakarpattia region Ivano-Frankivsk region Ternopil region

“North” Conference:

Zhytomyr region Kyiv region Sumy region Chernihiv region

“Center” Conference:

Chernivtsi region Khmelnytskyi region Vinnytsia region Cherkasy region Kirovohrad region

“East” Conference:

Kharkiv region Luhansk region Donetsk region Dnipropetrovsk region Poltava region

“South” Conference:

Odessa region Mykolaiv region Kherson region Zaporizhzhya region Autonomous Republic of Crimea

To take part in the Ukrainian Esports Cup, you must fill out one of our questionnaires:

West North Center East South Players without a team

It should be noted that in case you have a full five-player team, you’ll need to fill out one of the conference questionnaires (West, North, Center, East, South). Meanwhile, if you want to compete in the Ukrainian CS:GO Cup alone or with friends, but you are short of a full team, you will need to fill out the “Players without a team” form.

Each conference will be hosting two divisions – Division A and Division B. All teams will be registered using the appropriate Google forms, where they will indicate information about their personal accounts, as well as a team profile on the FaceIT platform. The organizers will distribute teams according to their ELO points: the stronger teams will go to Division A, while the weaker ones will go to Division B.

Championship system:

Division B – round robin with bo1 match format Division A – round robin with bo1 match format Playoffs of Division B – round robin with bo1 match format, 2 groups Super League – round robin with bo2 match format Super League Playoffs – classic Olympic single-elimination system with bo3 match format

In the first stage, regional qualifiers will be held under the modified regular season system. Each region will have its own Divisions A and B. The region’s best teams (in terms of total ELO points on the FaceIT platform ) will receive invitations to Division A. The regular season of Division A will consist of 66 matches, while the number of matches in Division B will depend on the number of teams registered.

Division matches will be played in a round-robin system with a bo1 format. The top 2 teams from each Division A will receive slots in the Super League, therefore forming the top ten teams. Two more slots will be drawn among all the top 2 teams determined by the results of each Division B. Ultimately, 12 best teams from all over Ukraine will get into the Super League.

The participants of Super League will receive a nice bonus from the Ukrainian Esports Federation. For each team, a logo will be developed, a uniform will be developed and sewn, a social media design will be developed, and, if possible, a photo session will be held.

The Super League will be held according to the Round-Robin system with a bo2 match format. The top 6 teams based on the Super League’s results will advance to the finals of the Ukrainian CS:GO Cup – where they will continue fighting in a single-elimination system with a bo3 match format.

Ukrainian CS:GO Cup prize pool distribution:

1st place – UAH 100,000 2nd place – UAH 50,000 3-4 places – UAH 22,000 5-6 places – UAH 10,000 7-12 places – UAH 6,000

The amount of winnings is indicated without taking into account the payment of taxes and mandatory payments, which are deducted from the indicated amount when they are paid. The payment is made within 90 calendar days. For income in the form of winnings and prizes, a single tax rate on personal income is set at 18% and a military duty rate is set at 1.5%, of the taxable item.

As part of the Ukrainian CS:GO Cup, the Ukrainian Esports Federation, together with partners, will hold a huge number of draws with valuable prizes. For example, together with Parimatch and ExpertPC, we will give away two powerful gaming PCs.

By the start of the Ukrainian CS:GO Cup, the Ukrainian Esports Federation will equip its own Ukrainian-language studio, which will work exclusively in Ukrainian not only for this tournament, but for the subsequent ones as well.

Originally published on: Thu, 31 Dec 2020 02:34:37 +0000