International Esports Federation (IESF) has made the call for nominations, and the membership have responded with stellar nominations.

IESF’s Board consists of one President, one Vice President, four Board Members and the Secretary General. The Chairperson of the Players’ Commission also sits on the Board in order to represent the rights and concerns of the Players. The Secretary General does not have a vote and provides the all important link between the elected Board Members and the Secretariat.

Only once the elections have elected the five nominees, does the Board sit immediately after the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) to elect the Vice-President.

After such election, Board Members then divide up among themselves the various portfolios for which they will be accountable and responsible.

IESF is confident that every single person nominated for the Board is of the Stature and of the ilk required to steer IESF towards greater things and deliver to the community which it serves.

The full list of nominations received are as follows:

# Name (Nation)
1 Eddy, Che Chien Lim (Indonesia)
2 Ido Brosh (Israel)
3 Magnus Jonsson (Sweden)
4 Ramil Aliyev (Azerbaijan)
5 Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifah Al-Nahyan (U.A.E.)
6 Young Man Kim (South Korea)
7 Hourieh Nikdast (Iran)
8 Vlad Marinescu (USA.)
9 Hana, Pei-Ching Hsu (Chinese Taipei)
10 Boban Totovski (Macedonia)

IESF President, Colin Webster, has already congratulated each nominee on being so nominated and is confident that the General Meeting will return the most deserving nominee as a Board Member.


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