The Chelyabinsk Major, that’s what they called it.

On May 22-23, the finals of the Russian Esports Championship 2021 took place at Yunost Sports Palace in Chelyabinsk. This year, the tournament featured six esports titles: Dota 2, StarCraft II, NHL 21, Tekken 7, DCL ¬– the Game (drone racing simulator), and Clash Royale.

The Russian Esports Championship is an official sport competition included in the Unified Calendar Plan of the Russian Ministry of Sports, which is held annually by the Russian Esports Federation . This year, more than 20 thousand players from all over the country took part in the competition. The championship was held with the support of the Governor and the Ministry of Sports of the Chelyabinsk oblast.

Video of the opening ceremony

Players representing the host of the Championship took two medals – gold in NHL21 and bronze in Tekken 7. On the whole, along with the record number of titles, the representativeness of regions among the winners also is outstanding this year. First places were taken by players from Moscow oblast (Clash Royal), Altai Republic (StarCraft II), Chelyabinsk oblast (NHL21), Mordovia (Tekken 7), North Ossetia (DCL), Mari El (Dota 2). The list of winners and prize-holder is below,

Clash Royale:

1st place – Daniil Smorodin (Moscow oblast)

2nd place – Khizir Ersimikov (Republic of Chechnya)

3rd place – Adel Bashirov (Tomsk oblast)

4th place – Ilya Kazantsev (Republic of Mari El)

StarCraft II:

1st place – Nikita Gurevich (Altai Republic)

2nd place – Vitaly Roshchin (Kemerovo oblast)

3rd place – Sergey Kondaurov (Voronezh oblast)

4th place – Matvey Yarkov (Sverdlovsk oblast)

NHL 21:

1st place – Maxim Trukhanov (Chelyabinsk oblast)

2nd place – Sergey Filippov (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania)

3rd place – Alexander Zverev (Tomsk oblast)

4th place – Semyon Litvak (Bashkortostan)

Tekken 7:

1st place – Mikhail
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