Serbian National Championship

Serbian e-sports Association is done when it comes to the IESF qualifiers for 2020. We have chosen representatives for this year, and the lineup is almost the same as last year, which once again proves that they are the best in Serbia.

We started off with Tekken 7. Our best player, Vlada ‘’Coldheart’’ Stanković, who already represented Serbia multiple times once again proved his quality. Even though the competition was bigger than ever, when it came to the finals match, there was no way of stopping him.

PES was even more exciting than last year. The best players gathered and fought until the end. Our best player, Stefan ’’Kepa’’ Slavković had a rough start, but as the finals progressed, his game improved and he managed to turn things around from the lower bracket. In the finals match, he managed to convincingly beat the second-best player in Serbia, Vladimir ’’Roksa’’ Roksić.

In the end, the four best Dota 2 teams gathered to fight for one place that will give them an opportunity to represent their country. Both semifinal matches were very exciting, but Team Serbia brought a lot of experience, which gave them the final edge. Their drafting skills, combined with exciting team play gave them a big advantage that they knew how to hold until the very end. Their lineup is a bit different than last year, but they once again proved that they are the best in Serbia.

Originally published on: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 02:58:36 +0000