Polish breakthrough in esports performance research. esportsLAB’s studies available not only for pro players

Professional esports, despite the growing number of various coaches and managers available for the athletes, is still mostly intuition-based. We see players and entire teams who perform well suddenly dip in form or vice versa, but we do not really know why. This is the main issue tackled by esportsLAB – Esports Association’s (Poland) partner, who developed a groundbreaking Esports Performance Model on an increasingly larger scale.

esportsLAB is a research and technology company from Poland. Based on years of scientific experience and basic studies, they carry out the most extensive research project in the pro gaming world. Their main goal is to change esports from an intuition-based industry to a data-driven industry so that every esports organization can make more informed moves. Among the professional teams who participated in the research, there are top Polish organizations, including AGO and Izako Boars. 

Thanks to the partnership with Esports Association, since March 2020, participation in the project has also been possible for students competing in Edu Esports – the association’s nationwide varsity league. The studies based on Esports Performance Model give comprehensive information on what should the students improve in order to become full-time professional players. The results also indicate how they can get better at certain skills in and out of the game environment and how well they fare in the pro scene. All the players are thoroughly tested, so the organizations which might take an interest in them will get valuable information, leading to more well-founded decisions.

In the future, esportsLAB aims to develop an esports training methodology, which will work similarly to the traditional sports training methodology. This way, young players will be able to develop in the right way earlier, thus enabling them to know what they have to do to become the best version of themselves on a day-to-day basis. The future also features an original esports app, which for now is targeted at professional esports organizations, but there are plans to make it available to the individual players. With that, they will get feedback on their performance every day.Esports Association and esportsLAB’s cooperation facilitates carrying out the studies on a much bigger scale, leading to further improving the esports industry on a grassroots level. More information regarding the research project can be found on esportslab.gg .

Source: https://ie-sf.org/?p=5147
Originally published on: Wed, 09 Dec 2020 00:38:02 +0000