IESF Welcomes France, Greece, Kosovo and Spain as New Members to the World Esports Family

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has announced the newest four (4) member nations to join the World Esports family.

With the additions of France, Greece, Kosovo and Spain from Europe, IESF has reached a new record of 104 member nations across five continents.

IESF’s continued expansion drives its mission to create a thriving Esports ecosystem that enhances the growth of large Esports economies and simultaneously supports the development of grassroots-level nations.  

“We are very pleased to welcome our new members, France, Greece, Kosovo and Spain, to the World Esports family,” said IESF Secretary-General Boban Totovski .

“IESF is committed to supporting the growth and development of our member nations with training and education initiatives such as the IESF referee academy and training program. We are looking forward to working on behalf of our new members, and all of our members worldwide, to help shape the future of Esports.”

The four new IESF member nations are represented through their respective national Esports Associations.

Tristan Brandily, President of French Federation of Video Games (FFJV) said: “The FFJV is a French organization which aims to democratize video games in France. Created in 2013, the FFJV is committed to promoting the benefits of using video games. When FFJV started setting up national cups in 2019, the only logical thing was to join the IESF in 2021 to promote esports and bring it closer to the general public. Even if the main action of the FFJV relates to the prevention and awareness of video game addictions, the competitive side remains an important part of the process.”

Konstantinos Laskaris, Founder of Greece Esports Federation “Hellenic Esports” said:  “We are delighted to represent our country on the global stage as part of the IESF. We will unite the esports in Greece and soon become a full member.” 

Besnik Thaqi, Vice President of Esports Federation of Kosovo said: “We are very honored to be accepted to be part of the International Esports Federation. Growing together and becoming a recognized sport and a recognized moving force will be our mission. We are looking forward to sending our best teams to the upcoming World Championship in Eilat.”

Marco Antonio Ramos Hernández, President of the Spanish Federation of Videogames and Esports Players  (FEJUVES) said: “For the Spanish Esports Federation, it’s a great honor to become a member of the IESF. We will begin a path to create the most exciting competition to participate in the international tournaments. With the support from the Spanish Olympic Committee, we assume the challenge of developing an Esports strategy in Spain.”

The full list of 104 IESF member federations can be found here .

About the International Esports Federation 

IESF is the unifying body for World Esports. Founded in 2008 by nine-member nations, IESF is currently composed of 104-member nations across five continents. IESF brings together all Esports stakeholders to achieve a united ecosystem for the development of sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide. The IESF Esports World Championship is the biggest multi-sport spectacle of Esports in the world. IESF also organizes the annual Global Esports Executive Summit in order to support the highest standard of Esports governance worldwide.

Originally published on: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 01:35:34 +0000