IESF Global Esports Academic Competition 2021

IESF is officially inviting applications for the IESF Global Esports Academic Competition (GEAC) 2021!

GEAC 2021 promotes and activates Esports academic research globally and contributes to the Esports industry by providing its own research. Starting IESF’s first-ever Global Esports Academic competition, IESF will support and encourage Esports-related research for Esports to increase its educational foundation for further growth in the future.

GEAC is part of IESF’s Global Esports R&D Center, which is operating with the support of Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Information Promotion Agency.

In GEAC 2021, ‘Call for Papers’ and ‘Research Request’ will be open for applicants globally, and the selected applicants will have the following benefits:

Certificate Prize Award (Call for Papers) / Research Support Fund (Research) Post on IESF Archive (newly launching in 2021) Presentation opportunities at IESF Global Esports Academic Seminar 2021

Download the Information for Submission(Click Here ) for more details for ‘Call for Papers’ and ‘Research Request.’ Should you have any questions, please contact

Originally published on: Mon, 14 Jun 2021 06:58:42 +0000