IESF is delighted to announce that Vlad Marinescu, current Board member of IESF and President of United States eSports Federation, has been unanimously appointed as the Vice President.

Vlad Marinescu said “I am honored to be entrusted by the IESF board with the appointment to the Vice President position. I wholeheartedly believe that a strong collaboration and exchange needs to exist between traditional sport and Esports to ensure sharing of values, practices and experience with the scope of educating the youth for a better tomorrow.”

IESF, thus thanks Magnus Jonsson for the expert manner in which he acted as caretaker of this important position. Please see

As Vice-President, Vlad Marinescu has the following portfolios

  • World Championships,
  • Ex-officio on LOC’s for IESF events, and
  • To act in the President’s stead should the President be absent.

With Vlad Marinescu having served as a previous Director General of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federation), IESF President, Colin Webster is confident that Vlad has the necessary experience and competencies for IESF to reach its ambitions.