IESF announces marketing partnership with MEI

IESF has announced a marketing partnership with Major Events International (MEI) to help find marketing and sponsorship partners for their Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES).

The Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES) event is scheduled to be a hybrid event with a limited number of key decision makers attending the event in Busan, South Korea in November 2020. Following COVID travel restrictions globally, this will be a hybrid event to allow international delegates to participate online while presentations and discussion will occur in the new Busan Esports Stadium. IESF is attempting to use this hybrid GEES event as a model to the sporting world for the future in how to adapt to the ever changing COVID pandemic.

MEI, which specialises in providing an interface between major event organisers and the suppliers that make events safe, efficient and amazing fan experience have struck a deal to help take the remarkable growth of the stakeholder-rich GEES event to the next level.

“We are very excited to partner with MEI to find the best possible marketing and sponsorship partners for our 5th Global Esports Executive Summit 2020” announced the IESF President, Vlad Marinescu , “MEI will support GEES revenues, allowing us to provide the Esports market with a forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities which face this fast-moving and innovative branch of sports events”.

“This is a perfect fit for both parties” commented MEI COO Andy Rice , “We are delighted to be working with the IESF to enhance their revenues and VIK support. Organizations like the IESF are looking for technological innovation and sustainable solutions that will mitigate risk, minimise cost and maximise stakeholder engagement- and therefore revenues. Our new partnership with IESF will undoubtedly provide new, and exciting solutions, and revenues for them”

Originally published on: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 09:00:30 +0000