1st Entry Complete for 10th Esports World Championship

International Esports Federation (IESF) hereby announces that total 670 participants from 42 countries have registered for 1st Entry of the Esports World Championship Kaohsiung 2018. This is the largest participation in the history of the World Championship showing great interest towards the 10th edition of the event.

41 countries registered for League of Legends (LoL), 40 countries registered for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and 37 countries have registered for Tekken 7.

The final entry will be opened until 31st of August, where National Federations will be submitting the final national delegation list to IESF Each National Federation will be conducting their national qualifiers(NQ) to select their national teams to represent their country during the respective period.

With great support from the city of Kaohsiung and the local organizing committee (CTeSA, Chinese Taipei Esports Association), the10th Esports World Championship is expected to be the largest event ever in IESF history. The event will not only feature esports in general, but will embrace together with cultural and social events held jointly during the period

Latest information about 10th Esports World Championship is posted, https://www.ie-sf.org/news/logo-released-for-10th-esports-world-championship/, and more details can be found on IESF official website.

(Source: ie-sf.org)