Serbia Defends eFootball European Championship Title

The European ​eFootball Championship, in the discipline Pro Evolution Soccer – European Nations Cup 2021, concluded on Tuesday, 24 August in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.

The three-day competition, organized by the International Esports Federation (IESF), the European Esports Federation (EEF) and the Ukrainian Sports Association was held for the first time in Ukraine. This tournament, which was attended by the best players from Europe, was also supported by the Ukrainian government. 

Eleven national teams from Europe participated in the European e​​Football Championship n: Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia and Serbia. All of the national teams were mixed in four groups and most of the group stage matches were played on the first day of the European Nations Cup. The easiest way to do this was for Turkey and Serbia, who were only two in Group A – Austria was forced to withdraw from the competition due to the situation with COVID-19. After exchanging victories, both teams were calmly waiting for their opponents in the playoffs.

Portugal, Montenegro and North Macedonia  secured first places in Group B, C and D. Portugal showed an effective game in attack, Montenegro had the ability to hold the required score, and North Macedonia surprised with its strong defense.

Before the finals began, a third-place match was played in which Portugal defeated North Macedonia 2-1. Immediately after that, the match everyone was waiting for got underway. Final match was the best of three, so a very exciting finals competition was expected. 

The Serbian representative got off to a great start, scoring a goal right at the beginning of the match. The match was anticipated to be quite open and full of goals, but the defense on both sides put in great work. Djole defended without a mistake, so the first match ended with 1:0 for Serbia.

The second match started quite hard, which is why there were not many chances at the beginning. However, Djordje Miličević managed to break the resistance of the opponent in the 30th minute of the first part. In the second half, he played very calmly and waited for his chance, which he used in the 74th minute when he scored the second goal. By the end, Muchahit managed to reduce the opponent’s advantage, but that was not enough to return to the match.

The third match was the most exciting in this final and a match that the Turkey representative needed to win to progress in the competition. However, after only 30 minutes of the game, Djordje gained a 2-0 advantage, which put his opponent in a very bad position. However, Muchahit did not give up. He scored his first goal in the 55th minute, but only a few minutes later the Serbian national team player returned the two-goal difference. It seemed like the job was done, but with two goals in the end, Muchahit secured overtime. Both players had many opportunities to bring the match to an end in the 120th minute, but eventually, penalties followed. Both of them missed a few shots at the beginning, but Djordje managed to celebrate with 2-1 and to become the champion of the European National Cup. In addition to the big trophy, the Serbian representative also won a prize of €2,000! Serbia again became the European champion in PES, as Đorđe “Djole95” Milićević defeated Muchahit Sevimli 3-0 in the finals of the European National Cup!

About the International Esports Federation  

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Originally published on: Fri, 27 Aug 2021 11:20:22 +0000