Macedonian Esports Federation – IESF’s Member Nation

To succeed in our mission to create a united World Esport we need really big support and the biggest support we get is from our 109 Member nations, national federations from all around the world!

It’s really important to show you who are our Member Nations!

Today we are presenting the Macedonian Esports Federation!

Tell us more about Macedonian Esport Federation, when and how did you found the federation?

The federation was created back in 2009, after 4 years of work in creating the proper structure. We have been competing on national level since 2005 in Singapore, the first WCG our team played. Since then, we have developed a lot, held many competitions and participated in more than 15 international competitions.

That love of the game and pride in one’s country is at the heart of a lot of really exciting competitions in any sport. Which games are most played in your country?

Counter Strike is the most popular game here. We have some extraordinary DOTA2 and LOL players, but CS will always be number 1.

In which games do you have a representation and tell us more about their achievements?

This year we have CS:GO, DOTA2, Tekken and PES2021 representatives. They are currently the best in the region, but are lacking true international experience and we are positive that the Regional games and the World Championship will be a solid motivator. 

You won the European Nations Cup in CS:GO, congratulations! How was the feeling of winning the European championship? 

Well, it was unbelievable. We have a solid team, we were hoping to win, but you never know till the end. We are very proud of the team and continue the support for the next big events.

Do you think the team is capable of improving and doing even better results after this achievement?

Yes, 100%. They are solid and very fluid in their game. We see them training every day and they were signed by a semi-pro team, so that should make them better.

How would you describe the state of Esports in your country?

It’s not where it should be. We have a lot more to do, pending our government’s recognition. Once we become an official sport, the direction is clear and we know what to do.

In what ways does the federation help Esports in your country?

We organise the National League, which is the most prestigious competition and we also give the players the opportunity to play against top teams from the world. Soon we will start with proper practice and education, so we can truly level up. 

What are your future plans for the federation?

Obviously, recognition is the number 1 goal. Our mission is to develop the existing infrastructure and make it possible for kids to practice Esports responsibly. We must deliver the message that Esports can’t be enough, there must be physical activity as well as proper education in the process.

Originally published on: Wed, 27 Oct 2021 12:48:39 +0000