Argentinian Esports and Video Games Association – IESF’s Member Nation

To succeed in our mission to create a united World Esport we need really big support and the biggest support we get is from our 109 Member nations, national federations from all around the world!

It’s really important to show you who are our Member Nations!

Today we are presenting the Argentinian Esports and Video Games Association!

When did you founded the federation?

DEVA was founded in May, 2017. We aim to promote and work towards the professionalization of Esports through the sports frame, education, social and entertainment. DEVA is the engine that pushes and develops Esports throughout the whole country. It’s made up of young professionals that share a great passion for sports and love for video games. DEVA’s values workaround union and advocates the development and professionalization of Esports in the whole Argentine territory boosting the knowledge of the benefits video games provide.

Which games are most played in your country?

In Argentina we have the top five as: CSGO, Free Fire, LOL, FIFA, Valorant.

In which games/Esports do you have a representation?

We are participating in this year´s WC with PES, DOTA2, Tekken and Audition. But we lost in the regionals.

What is the average age of the players in the national team?

22 years old.

How would you describe in one word the state of Esports in your country?

It’s in it´s prime.

How has the establishment of the federation helped Esports in your country?

We narrowed the gap between the government, sports ecosystem and Esports. We developed the first academic projects in LATAM and Argentina to start giving a better understanding of the industry and business models of Esports.

What are your future plans for the federation?

We are pushing to get into the national Olympic committee and improve our team certification system. We are pushing to get some  funding for Esports projects such as club development and players support with the ministry of tourism and sports.

What is your federation’s biggest achievement? 

Getting recognized by the ministry of Tourism and Sports and being the first organization in LATAM to develop academic proposals with universities, such as an executive program with the Universidad de Palermo and a diploma with the university of Rio Negro.

Originally published on: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 10:01:44 +0000